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What does Just Training, No Bullshit mean?


It means that we are anti-gimmick trainers that will Get Real with owners about their dog's needs. Dogs are individuals so instead of going with the popular training method of the moment, we customize balanced training plans for each dog. 


We specialize in behavior modification, obedience, and multi-dog pack management. 



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  If you have not already created your account, head to the top right of this page and create your personalized login. This is the login that you will use to book all future appointments and communicate with your trainer. 

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Consultation   Call

  It's a free call to go more in depth about your training goals and help you to select the service that fits your needs.

Talking on the Phone

In-Home Assesment.


  After the phone consultation, we make a house call to evaluate your dog in a familiar setting, develop, and start implementing a training plan. This is when we will also estimate the amount of session we will need to meet your goals.

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Start Training!

  This is when the fun really starts! You will schedule either private lessons, group classes, or other services based on your in-home visit with your trainer. Which ever option you select will be found under the "Schedule" tab. Please note, when selecting private lessons, you will select either single sessions or one of our packages during the checkout step of scheduling.

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