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Whether you need great training gear, treats, fun and functional GRDT merch, or our favorite local dog supply vendors we've got you covered!

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Affiliates Links

We work with a variety of brands and shipping companies, big and small to get the items you need delivered to your door. 

- Ugly Chews

- E-Collar Technologies

- Kimberland Collars

- Amazon Store


Prue's Apothecary

Allergies suck. This totally "A-Prue-ved" skin care and home product line makes sure your pup doesn't have to be an itchy, sneezing mess.

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Shop Local

We love to shop local! Here are some small yet mighty businesses we love to visit and thought you'd love them too:

- Echo's Treats (River Falls, WI)

- Billy's Bites (Bayport, MN)

- Keeper Collars (Blaine, Mn)

- The Branding Warehouse (see GRDT Merch to order).

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GRDT Merch

We have partnered with The Branding Warehouse in Saint Paul, MN to offer you fun and functional GRDT branded merchandise. From cozy hoodies to training pouches we've got you covered.

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